Python Opening Hours parser

a python library to convert arbitrary strings representing business opening hours into a JSON format that's easier to use in code

This library parses opening hours from various human-readable strings such as "Mon- Fri 9:00am - 5:30pm" into a more standard JSON format that can be processed more easily.

The format

opening_hours = [
		"day": "monday",
		"opens": "9:00",
		"closes": "17:00"


pip install jsonify-opening-hours


The simplest example is just printing the JSON for an opening hours string:

from parse_opening_hours import JsonOpeningHours

print(JsonOpeningHours.parse("Mon- Fri 9:00am - 5:30pm"))

This should give you the below output:

	{'day': 'monday', 'opens': '9:00', 'closes': '17:30'},
	{'day': 'tuesday', 'opens': '9:00', 'closes': '17:30'},
	{'day': 'wednesday', 'opens': '9:00', 'closes': '17:30'},
	{'day': 'thursday', 'opens': '9:00', 'closes': '17:30'},
	{'day': 'friday', 'opens': '9:00', 'closes': '17:30'}

This has been tested using Python 3.8.5

Tests and Coverage

run pytet and generate coverage database pipenv run pytest --cov=./

show coverage report: pipenv run coverage report

Build and Release

This is pretty much here so I can copy-paste the commands to make a new release.

build: python sdist bdist_wheel check: twine check dist/* upload: twine upload dist/*