Blivet is a python module for system storage configuration.


From Fedora repositories

Blivet is available in Fedora repositories. You can install it using

# dnf install python3-blivet

Daily builds (for Fedora)

Daily builds of Blivet are available in @storage/blivet-daily Copr repository.
You can enable it using

# dnf copr enable @storage/blivet-daily

Daily builds of libblockdev and libbytesize are also in this repo.

OBS repository (for Ubuntu and Debian)

Packages for Debian (testing and unstable) and Ubuntu (19.04 and newer) are available through the Open Build Service.
Instructions for adding the repository are available here.


Blivet is also available through the Python Package Index.
You can install it using

$ pip3 install blivet

Blivet depends on some C libraries that are not available on PyPI so you need to install these manually.

The main dependencies include libblockdev, libbytesize, parted and their Python bindings.
These libraries should be available on most distributions in the standard repositories.

To install these dependencies use following commands:

  • On Fedora and RHEL/CentOS based distributions:

    # dnf install python3-blockdev libblockdev-plugins-all python3-bytesize libbytesize python3-pyparted parted libselinux-python3
  • On Debian and Ubuntu based distributions:

    # apt-get install python3-blockdev python3-bytesize python3-parted python3-selinux gir1.2-blockdev-2.0 libblockdev-lvm2 libblockdev-btrfs2 libblockdev-swap2 libblockdev-loop2 libblockdev-crypto2 libblockdev-mpath2 libblockdev-dm2 libblockdev-mdraid2 libblockdev-nvdimm2



Developer documentation is available on our website or on Read the Docs.

Additional information about the release process, roadmap and other development-related materials are also available in the GitHub Wiki.