TF Watcher

TF Watcher is a simple to use Python package and web app which allows you to monitor 👀 your Machine Learning training or testing process on mobile devices 📱 built specially for Google Colab, Azure ML and Kaggle. Dedicated to all ML Developers with ❤️.

📄 Project Documentation

Visit the documentation of this project to get more information in detail.

💡 About the Project

This project includes two subprojects:

🔹 TF Watcher Python Package

This is a Python Package built using TensorFlow and Pyrebase (a python wrapper for the Firebase API). This allows to eaisly monitor the metrics you want and writes them to Firebase realtime database.

Navigate to /tfwatcher directory to browse and know more about the TF Watcher Python Package.

🔹 TF Watcher Web App

This is a Web Application built using React, Chakra-UI, Recharts and Firebase deployed on Azure Static Web Apps. It reads from the Firebase realtime database and displays the logs using charts.

Navigate to /webapp directory to browse and know more about TF Watcher Web App.