Scholia is a python package and webapp for interaction with scholarly information in Wikidata.


As a webapp, it currently runs from Wikimedia Toolforge, a facility provided by the Wikimedia Foundation. It is accessible from

The webapp displays scholarly profiles for individual researchers, research topics, organizations, journals, works, events, awards and so on. For instance, the scholarly profile for psychologist Uta Frith is accessible from

The information displayed on the page is only what is available in Wikidata.


It is possible to use methods of the scholia package as a script:

$ python -m scholia.query twitter-to-q fnielsen


A simple way to get up and running is to launch Scholia via Gitpod, which installs the dependencies listed in requirements.txt automatically and launches the web app via

See file CONTRIBUTING.rst for technical details on how to improve Scholia.