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A Python package for handwriting and sketching in Jupyter notebooks.


A movie is worth a thousand pictures is worth a million words…

Sketch Demo

But sometimes it’s too fast, so…

  • import ipysketch
  • create a Sketch instance and give the sketch a name
  • display the instance
  • edit the sketch


Where are my sketches saved?

When creating a Sketch instance, you give it a name, say mysketch. The sketch is then saved in the same folder as the Jupyter notebook in two files with ending .isk and .png. The first file is the ipysketch-internal file format, the second is a PNG-representation of it, which is also displayed in the notebook.

Using ipysketch without Jupyter

The ipysketch GUI can also be used outside of Jupyter notebooks. To create a sketch named mysketch enter:

python -m ipysketch mysketch


First, install the ipysketch package using pip:

pip install --upgrade ipysketch

Then install and enable the widgets extension in Jupyter:

jupyter nbextension install --user --py widgetsnbextension
jupyter nbextension enable --py widgetsnbextension


ipysketch require Python 3.