A python package for retrieving and analysing data from SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey)


Install the latest version of sdss from PyPI:

pip install sdss

Requirements are numpy, Pillow, matplotlib and pandas.

Quick start

Let's get the positions of the sun between two times:

from sdss import Region

ra = 179.689293428354
dec = -0.454379056007667

img = Region(ra, dec)

To see the image:

alt text

To see the image in three gri filter bands (green, red, infrared) separately:


alt text

To find 10 nearest objects in a radius of 5 arc degrees:

df_obj = img.nearest_objects(radius=5, n=10)

To find 10 nearest objects with spectrum in a darius of 5 arc degrees:

df_sp = img.nearest_spects(radius=5, n=10)