Get a formated data of examination results scrapped from necta results website.

Note this is not an official NECTA API and is still in development

Current version is Beta 1.0.0

Developed by Tanzania Programmers, written by Vincent Laizer.


  • Get the package via pip

    pip install nectaapi 
  • Get a list of all schools in a given year and exam type.

exam type can be acsee or csee (for now, more to be added)

    from nectaapi import scrapper as sc

    data = sc.schools(2017, 'csee') 

the function returns a dictionary in the form

    "exam_type": "examamination type",
    "year_of_exam": "year of examination",
    "number_of_schools": "number of schools in this exam and year",
    "description": "description of this particular result",
    "schools": [
            "school_name": "school name 1",
            "registration_number":"registration number 1"
            "school_name": "school name 2",
            "registration_number":"registration number 2"
  • Get a highlight of school overal results

  from nectaapi import scrapper as sc

  sammury = sc.schoolSummary(year, examType, schoolNumber)

  # schoolNumber is the schools registration number ie s3881 or s1268

this function is still buggy due to the varying nature of results publishing structure in necta website across the years

  • Get a single students results

  from nectaapi import scrapper as sc

  results = sc.student(year, examType, schoolNumber, studentNumber)

  # student number is the students part of their examination number eg 0040 or 0553

The ‘student’ function returns a dictionary of this form

      "number": "students examination number",
      "division": "students division",
      "points": "students points",
      "subjects": {
          "subject name 1": "its grade",
          "subject name 2": "its grade",

check out video tutorial on YouTube for demos.

contributions are awaited for

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