Pyfood is a simple Python package to process food, in different languages. Pyfood’s ambition is to be the go-to library to deal with food, recipes, online menus or cookbooks.


Pyfood is intended to work with Python 3.6 or above. Installation can be done with pip:

pip install pyfood


At the core of Pyfood is the concept of a shelf embedded in a given region, a certain month_id and optionally a source language.
You can load a shelf embedded in France in January with the following Python snippet:

from pyfood.utils import Shelf
shelf = Shelf(region='France', month_id=0)

Pyfood currently works in the following regions:

  • Canada ??
  • EU ?? (Europe, default)
  • France ??
  • Germany ??
  • Israel ??
  • Italy ??
  • Japan ??
  • Portugal ??
  • Senegal ??
  • Spain ??
  • United Kingdom ??

? Label baskets or recipes

Pyfood can help automatically extract and label a list of ingredients, e.g., from a basket of food, a recipe, a menu, a cookbook or a website, with attributes/categories (e.g., fruits, vegetables) and labels (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, nutrition, seasonality), in a few lines of code:

results = shelf.process_ingredients(['apple','kiwi','sugar'])
results['labels'] # vegetarian, vegan, nutrition, seasonality

? Translate ingredients

Pyfood comes with a vocabulary of more than 600 ingredients and synonymes, in multiple languages, and makes it easy to work with recipes in different languages or translate ingredients from a language to another one:

results = shelf.process_ingredients(['apple','kiwi','sugar'], lang_dest='FR')
results['food_list'] # pomme, kiwi, sucre

Pyfood currently supports the following languages:

  • DE (German)
  • EN (English)
  • ES (Spanish)
  • FR (French)
  • IT (Italian)
  • PT (Portuguese)
  • UN (Universal, default)

? What’s in season?

Finally, Pyfood can also be used to simply query what fruits or vegetables are in season:

fruits_in_season = shelf.get_seasonal_food(key='001')
vegetables_in_season = shelf.get_seasonal_food(key='002')


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