Catalogue CRUD Application



This program creates a relational SQL database hosted on the Snowflake platform, then opens a CRUD GUI to manipulate and view the data. In this application, it is used as a book cataloge.

The requirements and primary catalogue files are located in the Resources folder.

Also required: Snowflake account, , Box Dev App


  1. Bulk uploads via CSV files to establish the primary catalogue
  2. Individual entries on a given table may be added, updated, and deleted via the GUI interface.
  3. Users may download files hosted in a Box repository via the Box file ID, or both the file name and extention.
  4. Current table is displayed in a tree view to the right of the text fields within the GUI.
  5. Display refreshes with each action taken via the GUI so as to keep displayed info current.

Planned Updates:

  1. Correct update behavior of the author and genre tables so that rows are updated individually.
  2. Add a frame for each table so that text fields change depending on which table a User is editing.
  3. Download location specified within GUI
  4. Bulk table update
  5. Custom queries


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