Valentine with Python

Valentines with Python is a mini fun project I have coded. If you’re a programmer, you can surprise your valentine with this awesome and fun project. This program generates an animation of a heart with cool texts of your loved one. It also generates the .png and .gif files of the animation. Please follow the below steps for proper installation.

alt text


  • Python 3.7 or later
  • Numpy
  • Wordcloud
  • PythonTurtle
  • Matplotlib
  • Imageio
  • Glob2
  • PIL

Installing Libraries

  1. Numpy
pip install numpy
  1. Wordcloud
pip install wordcloud
  1. PythonTurtle
pip install PythonTurtle
  1. Matplotlib
pip install matplotlib
  1. Imageio
pip install imageio
  1. Glob2
pip install glob2
  1. PIL
pip install pillow

How to Run

  • Run with any of your favourite IDEs
  • Enter your Valentine’s name when it asks to enter. ( You can enter multiple names using Space)


Running the program will save you a png and a gif file of the generated image which you can send it to your loved one or share it on social media.

Generated Image:

alt text


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