Don’t Die – A Python Program

A python program that causes your computer to bluescreen whenever you die in Minecraft


Be sure to right click and run this program as administrator or else it won’t work!

Don’t Die only works on Windows right now, but I’m thinking about porting it to other operating systems

No requirements to run executable

Requires Python 3.9 or later to build from source

Installation Instructions

Option 1: Download from releases
Go to

download the latest executable

Option 2: Run from source

Make sure you have python for windows installed

Open CMD

  • Download source

If you have git for windows installed then

git clone & cd dontdie-minecraft

otherwise, just download the source zip file and extract it

  • If you downloaded the source zip folder, move into the directory by typing

cd dontdie-minecraft-master

Run dir to make sure you are in the right directory

If returns a bunch of stuff like and dontdie.ico, then you’re good to go

  • Install python dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

  • Run Don’t Die

Make sure you run cmd as administrator or else the computer will not bluescreen


Build Instructions

  • Follow instructions to run from source

  • Install pyinstaller

pip install pyinstaller

  • Build executable

pyinstaller --onefile --icon dontdie.ico

Executable is available at dist/dontdie.exe

Other Notes

I didn’t write Don’t Die in a very efficient way, and I am probably going to completely overhaul it later

There are a few things I’d like to change, specifically in how it detects deaths

I might even turn it into a Minecraft mod later, as python really isn’t the best way to interface with Minecraft


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