I'm writing a python script to cut longer MP3 files (i.e. recordings of several songs) into the individual tracks called ReCut.

So far there are two versions of the program:

First, there is a compiled .exe program which should run on most devices.
One tiny problem: The .exe is too big to upload it here. I'll see if I can fix this, but until then, I've uploaded it on Google Drive:

There also is a python script version (.py) which you can use if you have a python interpreter installed, and, VERY IMPORTANT, ffmpeg added to your path (for windows, this is how you do it: https://windowsloop.com/install-ffmpeg-windows-10/).

It's a rather simple program with a very non-polished GUI so far. Feel free to use it and report any problems that occur.

I'm planning to rework the GUI a bit and, if I can do it in a useful way, implement the possibility to record system sound of the computer directly in the program.
Until then, you'll have to use a program like audacity first to record the original, long MP3.

The maximum length of the input MP3 is, to my knowledge, slightly above five hours.
I suspect that RAM is the limiting factor, so if you have more than 8 GB of RAM, longer input files may work, too.


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