ANSI Art Generator

A python program that creates ASCII art (with true color support if enabled) from images and videos


The program runs using python3
The following python packages are used in the program:

  • opencv-python
  • Pillow
  • numpy
    These packages can be installed using any package manager for python like pip, conda, etc.

A Demo

Below is a GIF file (of lesser quality than the original screen-capture) showing the output on a true-color terminal


Navigate to the directory of the python script and run the following command


Here $FILENAME is the full path to the media file and $OPTION takes values 0 for black and white output and 1 for true color output (see if your terminal supports true color before enabling)

My video appears glitchy…

If your video appears glitchy, you can try changing the frame_skip variable to a higher values (instead of 0), in effect dropping the frame-rate. This gives the generator more time to draw the characters to screen.

The image runs out of window…

Again you can change the values of the d2 (height) and d1 (width) variables according to the terminal (Currently they are set to a full-screen terminal on a 13-inch laptop). I am working on a system that can automatically get your terminal size and work accordingly.


  • Support 3-bit RGB (8-colors) with dithering
  • Support true color (24-bit RGB)
  • Support automatic resizing
  • Support B&W output


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