TubeHostingAttackNotifier is a Python project for reporting DDoS attacks on your server to a Discord webhook.


Using Docker

  • ! to run this script using Docker, you already need a Docker installation !

  • keep this in mind, when you execute the following commands

git clone

cd TubeHostingAttackNotifier

docker build -t thacknoti . 

docker run -d --name TubeHostingAttackNotifier -e [email protected] -e passwd=your@Password123 -e url= thacknoti

Now you should have the script running in a Docker container ?

Without Docker

pip3 install datetime requests

git clone

cd TubeHostingAttackNotifier

screen -S TubeHostingAttackNotifier python3

Enter your login credentials and Discord webhook when prompted.
press [ctrl + a] [ctrl + d] to detach from the screen.


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