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The repository was built with a tree-like structure in mind, it contains collections of Python Projects. Most people are afraid of Good Projects, which keeps them from getting into Python programming. It’s not true, anyone can learn Python, and we plan to make it happen. The repository is open to anyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert developer.

We believe that Developing projects is more important than just learning theory.


Here are the resources to get you started with the basics and fundamentals of Python.

Project List

S.No Name Author
1. Digital Clock GUI Gaurav Pandey
2. Tic Tac Toe GUI Tanmay Barvi
3. Simple Quote Bot Gaurav Pandey
4. Windows Desktop Message Notifier GUI Gaurav Pandey
5. URL Shortner Gaurav Pandey
6. Countdown Timer Emmanuel Tanimowo
7. Number Guessing Game Emmanuel Tanimowo
8. Passowrd Generators Emmanuel Tanimowo


Feel free to add more Projects to this repository by either creating an issue or making a Pull Request. Join our Discord Server for latest updates, further discussion about your pull request.

See our Contribution Guidelines to get started. Also please see before making pull request.

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This repository is Lincesd under MIT License!

This project is under heavy development, you can also contribute by adding your own project.