COVID-19 Vaccination Slot Booking Script

This very basic script can be used to automate some steps on Co-WIN Platform.

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EXE file that was being built via pyinstaller on GitHub Actions does not work anymore but the Python 3.7 code still does. If you don't already have Python and do not know how to set it up, instructions are at the bottom. It's not complicated at all and takes literally 5 minutes. Please do that and come back here.

Download this code as zip, and extract it to some folder like C:\temp\covid-vaccine-booking. Going by this structure, the py files should be in C:\temp\covid-vaccine-booking\src.

Open command prompt and run cd C:\temp\covid-vaccine-booking

Install all the dependencies with the below. This is a one-time activity (for anyone not familiar with Python)

pip install -r requirements.txt

If you're on Linux or MacOS, install the SoX (Sound eXchange) before running the Python script. To install, run:


sudo apt install sox


brew install sox

Finally, run the script file as shown below:

python src\

If you already have a bearer token, you can also use:

python src\ --token=YOUR-TOKEN-HERE

If you'd prefer to pass the mobile number while running the script instead of typing in later, you can also use:

python src\ --mobile=YOUR-MOBILE-NUMBER

Python 3.7.3 Installation in Windows

  • Check if Python is already installed by opening command prompt and running python --version.
  • If the above command returns Python <some-version-number> you're probably good - provided version number is above 3.6
  • If Python's not installed, command would say something like: 'python' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
  • If so, download the installer from:
  • Run that. In the first screen of installer, there will be an option at the bottom to "Add Python 3.7 to Path". Make sure to select it.
  • Open command prompt and run python --version. If everything went well it should say Python 3.7.3
  • You're all set!