Food Truck Finder

Project Description

This repository contains a Python script for finding a food-truck based on latitude and longitude coordinates that you can run in your shell!



This tool was built for Python 3. To set that up on your system, follow this guide. Once you have installed Python 3 you’ll need to install a few supporting libraries for this script to function properly. To do so use these commands:

  1. pip3 install sodapy – This library will be used for interacting with the San Francisco Open Data API.

Tool Usage

At the moment we support finding a food truck based on latitude and longitude search – we plan on adding functionality to find multiple food trucks based on those coordinates. But to actually use the tool, you can run a command like this from the directory of this script:

# Syntax python3 # Example python3 37.7865580501799 -122.40103337534973

Don’t worry if you forget to add the two command line arguments, if you do we’ll prompt you for that information.

Project Road Map

  1. Break latitude + longitude retrieval out into own method w/ tests + input validation (i.e. confirm the input is numeric).
  2. Implement latitude + longitude fuzzy search.


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