A Python script that allows you to download all of an anime’s episodes at once.

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About BitAnime

BitAnime is a python script that allows you to download anime in large batches. It can also be used to download anime films. BitAnime gets its content from gogoanime. If you get a 404 error, please look up the correct anime name on gogoanime. This application will download all episodes. At the moment, the quality of the episodes that will be downloaded is different for every anime. For older anime, the quality will be 360p to 480p, for newer anime the quality will be 720p to 1080p.


git clone


BitAnime Screenshot Downloaded anime with BitAnime


BitAnime is highly reliant on the python modules requests, colorama, tqdm, and BeautifulSoup.

pip install -r requirements.txt


The anime name is separated by “-“. You can either type it manually, or go to and search for the anime you want to download and copy the name from the URL.


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