Discord SMS Notification

A python script that help you send text message to your phone one
of your desire discord channel have a new message. The project is
built through the use of Twilio and websocket


1. Pip install requirements.txt
2. Run main.py on your local machine/server


The only thing that you need to change in order for main.py to run
properly is setting.json which will certain fields that you need
to input.

Sms Setting

account_id - This is where you put your twilio account id
auth_token - This is where you put your twilio auth token
twilio_number - This is the phone number that shows up in your twilio account
receiving_number - This is the phone number that you want the text msg send to

Discord Setting

listen_channels - An array of channels where you want the discord listener listen to
user_token - Your discord token

Things to know

- The script does not have any error handling currently
- If the socket disconnect it will not reconnect
- This project has not been heavily tested

Todo List

- Add embed support
- Better documentations
- Better socket handlings
- Better error handlings

If you have any suggestions feel free to leave it!