About the project

Discord recently felt like it would be a good idea to limit the favorites to 250, which made me lose most of my gifs…
Luckily for us, the links of the gifs are stored in Discord’s local storage until you log off the app.

Getting Started


  • This is a python script, so you’ll need to have python installed, duh.
  • You will also need the requests module (can be installed by typing pip install requests in a terminal)

Setting up the backup

Before using the Python script you must first setup some stuff

  1. Open up Discord and then press CTRL + SHIFT + I.
  2. Go to the Application tab.
    Image 1
  3. Then go to the left side and click Local Storage > https://discordapp.com.
    Image 2
  4. Type gif in the filter box
    Image 3
  5. Double click the value of GIFFavoritesStore and press CTRL + C
    Image 4
  6. Go in this project’s folder and open up data.json
    Image 5
  7. Paste what you copied earlier in the file and save.
  8. Run the python script and enjoy!


who cares just yoink it


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