Hi! This is my first public repository, so please be kind if it is not well formatted or it contains errors.
I started learning Python about two months ago, and I made this script to challenge myself.
Comments and (good) critism are welcome.

What can I do with this repository?

This repository contains:

  • , used to calculate the fiscal code of a person
  • municipilities.csv , used as a database of all municipilites in Italy

What do I have to do to use these files?

You just need to download and run it.
The libraries you need to have in order to run this file are:

import operator as op
import pandas as pd
import re

Inputs that need to be provided are:

  • surname
  • name
  • birth_date (in the format DD/MM/YYYY as specified)
  • sex
  • city (this is the only case-sensitive parameter)



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