This script helps you log in to your LMS account and enter the currently running session, all in a second.

Install packages

First, make sure Python 3 is installed on your system. Open the terminal and run:

python --version

You should get a message like "Python 3.8.5." otherwise, download it from

Before anything, it is good to check that you are working with the most recent version of pip:

pip install --upgrade pip

With pip installed, the installation is straightforward, run:

pip install -r req.txt

Get started

Create file config.py and put the following properties in it:


So, the project structure will be:

|-- config.py
|-- driver.py
|-- main.py
|-- meeting.py
|-- req.txt

Now run:

python main.py

Note: Make sure you run this script when a meeting begins. Otherwise, you have to enter the session yourself or run main.py again.
Note: Once you install packages, you can double-click on main.py to run the script next time.


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