Instagram Followers Scan

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A Python Script to scan through an Instagram account to find all the followers and followings.
You can also get filtered list of users that are your:

  • friends (followers that you follow back)
  • fans (followers that you don’t follow back)
  • stars ? (celebrities that you follow dreaming of getting that follow back)
    (The script also allows you to save all the lists to a file)


  • Must have Python installed

  • Ensure that you have Python, at least version 3.6, and pip installed.
    Install Instaloader

    pip3 install instaloader

How To Use

  • Run

  • Enter your instagram username

    Enter your Instagram username: abc123
  • If will try to find a saved session for the entered user. If not found it will ask you to enter your password to login

    Enter Instagram password for abc123:
  • After successful login you can choose to save the login information locally for ease

    Save login information locally? (y/n): y

    This will save your current session to a file that would be saved in C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\Instaloader.

  • Enter the username of the account you want to scan.It must be a public account. Incase of a private account it must be followed by you. If you want to scan your own account then enter your username.

    Target account must be public. Data of private accounts can be fetched if you follow them.
    Enter target account username: abc123
  • The followers and followings of the account will be fetched. You can choose to them to files.

    Fetching followers...
    Followers list obtained!
    Fetching followees...
    Followees list obtained!
    Save followers and followings to file? (y/n): y
    Followers list saved!
    Followees list saved!
  • You will get the following menu after followers and followings are fetched

    1. Get friends (followers that you follow back)
    2. Get fans (followers that you don't follow back)
    3. Get stars ;) (followees that don't follow you back)
    0. Exit
    Enter your choice:
  • Choose any option, We guess you are looking for the stars ;).



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