Wordle solver

A python script to solve Wordle puzzles.


How to use

  • Git clone this repo to your machine
  • Open the main.py file in your favorite text editor
  • Find the section wordle_raw and adapt it to your current board state
  • Run and pick one of the 10 recommended words based on frequency
  • Repeat until solved!

How to enter your wordle board:

The wordle solver uses a text based representation of the board to compute the best next guesses using english language frequency as a heuristic (as the puzzle designers are more likely to pick well known than obscure words).

In the program input, each capital letter refers to the actual letter (A-Z) while each lower case letter refers to its color:

  • b for “black”
  • y for “yellow”
  • g for “green”

Say you had the following current wordle state:


This would be represented as:

wordle_raw = [
    "Cy Ry Ab Nb Ey",
    "Fb Ry Ob Wb Nb",
    "Fb Ab Cg Eg Rg",

When you run the program, it would then give you a list of recommended next guess with an integer indicating their frequency in the English language:


Data sources