TFLite Mobile Generic Object Localizer

Python TFLite scripts for detecting objects of any class in an image without knowing their label.

TFLite Generic Object Localizer Image taken from the OpenCV AI Kit – Lite, make sure to check it out:

The object detector works better with images with few objects and it starts to fail in more complex scenes. The model is suitable for automatically labelling objects for custom object detection models.


  • OpenCV, imread-from-url and tensorflow or tflite_runtime. Also, pafy and youtube-dl are required for youtube video inference.


pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install pafy youtube-dl

For the tflite runtime, you can either use tensorflow(make sure it is version 2.6.0 or above) pip install tensorflow==2.6.0 or the TensorFlow Runtime binary

tflite model

The original models was taken from Tensorflow Hub, download it, and place it in the models folder.

Use the following script to download the model:


Tensorflow inference

Use this other repository for detecting object in Tensorflow (recommended for computer with GPU):


  • Image inference:

  • Webcam inference:

  • Video inference:


Inference Examples

Generic object detector figures

Original video by Animist:

Cabybara detection

Capybara TFLite detection Original image:

Coin detection

Coin TFLite detection Original image:

Shoe detection

Shoe TFLite detection Original image:

Spaceship detection

Spaceship TFLite detection Original image:

Window detection

Window TFLite detection Original image:

And many more