Set of scripts for importing Source 1 assets such as materials, models, and particle effects into Source 2. Inspired by Valve's own source1import.exe (written in C++ and Perl), this one is in Python.


Python 3.9
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt


Download as ZIP and Extract
Open folder, press Ctrl + L, enter cmd and run the following commands

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
cd utils

All set. Use python --help or read below examples to get started.


Scripts are launched via command line, and as such need command line arguments:


This should be an absolute path pointing into a source1 game directory containing gameinfo.txt
-e <dir/modname> Path to source2 mod. Dir may or may not contain defining Source1Import { }. Modname (e.g. -e portal2_imported) instead of absolute path allowed only if -i points to a dir set into a source2 /game/ environment that contains modname).

Usage examples:

cd utils
python   -i "C:/.../Team Fortress 2/tf" -e "D:/Games/steamapps/common/sbox/addons/tf_source2"
python -i "C:/.../Portal 2/portal2" -e "C:/.../Half-Life Alyx/game/hlvr_addons/portal2"
python    -i "C:/.../Half-Life Alyx/game/lostcoast" -e hlvr_addons/lostcoast_source2
python  -i "C:/.../Half-Life Alyx/game/csgo" -e csgo_imported
python    -i "C:/.../Half-Life Alyx/game/l4d2" -e l4d2_source2
python -i "C:/.../Half-Life Alyx/game/ep2" -e hlvr
GitHub - kristiker/source1import: Import Source game content into Source 2
Import Source game content into Source 2. Contribute to kristiker/source1import development by creating an account on GitHub.