Simulating Monopoly

written by W. H. Bell

This package contains a series of propability examples, building up from the probability of rolling one die, two dice, moving around the Monopoly board, adding the "Go To Jail" square and finally adding the two decks of cards. The final simulation is not complete, but should yield a probability distribution function (PDF) close to the real PDF of the game.

The package contains:

  • doc/MonopolyWorksheet.pdf - a worksheet that introduces the concepts used in the simulation.
  • python/ - a program to print the PDF for two dice.
  • python/ - a program that prints and plots the PDF for a board with 40 squares.
  • python/ - a simulation of the "Go To Jail!" square.
  • python/ - a simulation that includes the "Go To Jail!" square and the two decks of cards.

The examples that plot the PDF use matplotlib. This library can be installed on a debian based Linux system by typing

sudo apt-get install python3-matplotlib 
GitHub - williamhbell/MonopolySimulation: A Python simulation of the Monopoly board game.
A Python simulation of the Monopoly board game. Contribute to williamhbell/MonopolySimulation development by creating an account on GitHub.