First of all…. Thanks for playing my game!


This is a pygame project I decided to take on to learn git, and decided to also take the opportunity to level up my python skills as well.

Cool features:


The sudoku gameplay of your dreams, draw a number on any square by clicking it, press a number between 0-9 to select a number, and the most important feature of all, press E to toggle the eraser!

(Press ESQ, or Q to quit the game)


After spending countless nights of hard work, challenging the odds, proving everyone wrong, persevering all the way through, all of this effort into completing the board, you get rewarded by a cool victory screen!


This game takes the bold approach of rejecting a setting-less game, and instead, enriching its contents with three simple options to choose from, FPS, Game Resolution and the most requested feature yet…Difficulty.

Save N’ Load

Bend time and space, all within a single json file, travel back, where everything was peaceful and harmonious, and you were halfway through the board, snapshot a once lived glimpse of your sudoku board, to be stored forever, or to be discarded, by a newer save file.


You don’t need to download anything to install this game, besides python 3 and have installed an updated version of pygame. Just run the file, and everything should work fine.

License and Attributions

This game is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License, for the assets, I’d like to thank JetBrains for their JetBrains Mono font, and for the sudoku puzzle generator, I’d like to thank RutledgePaulV for the generator.


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