This simple tool automates the process of copying, pasting, and organizing data from NewsBank API searches. Curerntly, nbscrape only searches print sources in the USA.


  • Access to NewsBank (e.g. via your institution's library)
  • Python 3

Basic Usage

  • Call nbscrape function
    • Arguments include "search", "date_from", and "date_to"
  • Output is a pandas dataframe, with all available metadata for each source


This tool is to be used in compliance with terms of service outlined by your institution and NewsBank. As such, it is suggested that you use this tool for research purposes only, once you have settled on your final search terms. This is not an exploratory tool. The purpose of nbscraper is to alleviate the tedium of having to click through 50 pages one by one and to manually save sources' metadata.