WebDork v1.0.3

A open-source tool to find publicly available sensitive information about Companies/Organisations!


A Python tool to automate some dorking stuff to find information disclosures. Suggestions and issues are welcome because I know codes can never be perfect.


As a user of this tool you agree this terms:

I will not use it for any blackhat/unethical work
I will not disclose any information found by this tool

Not all results found by this tool are sensitive information. If you find any information using this tool you must verify it by yourself and check whether the information can really cause any major/minor harm to A company.

Example finds:

  • Backend related information.
  • Company’s/Orgnisation’s future/internal plans/mindmaps.
  • Internal tools.


Check your Python version by typing in

$ python --version

If you get the following

Python 3.9.0

or any version greater than or equal to 3.9, this script has been tested and confirmed to be supported.


For termux

pkg install git -y 
pkg install python -y 
git clone https://github.com/HACKE-RC/webdork
cd webdork
python termux-setup.py

For iSH

apk add git
apk add python3
apk add py3-pip
git clone https://github.com/HACKE-RC/webdork
cd webdork
python setup.py

For Debian-based GNU/Linux distributions

git clone https://github.com/HACKE-RC/webdork
cd webdork
sudo python3 setup.py


Help menu of the tool

webdork -h
usage: main.py [-h] -cn Company name [-bw] [--show] [-o Output] [-v] [-s] [--no-save-output]

A python tool to automatically dork on a given company\'s name.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -cn Company name, --company-name Company name
                        Name of the company
  -bw, --browser        Search the dorks in browser.
  --show                Print results from the dorks.
  -o Output             Output filename(default is dorkresults.txt).
  -v, --verbose         Turn verbose mode on.
  -s, --silent          Just save the results without printing anything.
  --no-save-output      Don\'t save the output in file.

Example usage:

webdork -cn Hackerone -bw --show -v -o output.txt

Arguments :

  • Company/Organisation name to search for : -cn
  • Open the dorks in browser : -bw, –browser
  • Show dork results in terminal : –show
  • Output filename : -o
  • Better output : -v, –verbose
  • Directly save the results without printing anything : -s, –silent
  • Do not save the result in any file : –no-save-output

Shoutout :

If you like my work consider contacting me on Twitter @coder_rc for donation related information.

Demonstrative Video:

Made with so much debugging by RC