A tool written in Python to download all Snapmaps content from a specific location.

snapmap-archiver splash


pip3 install snapmap-archiver

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Install dependencies with pip3.

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Install aria2c


python3 -m snapmap_archiver -o [OUTPUT DIR] -l="[LATITUDE],[LONGITUDE]"

Unfortunately you have to use the arbitrary -l="lat,lon" rather than just -l "lat,lon" when parsing negative numbers as argsparse interprets said numbers as extra arguments.

Optional Arguments

Export JSON

You can export a JSON file with info about downloaded snaps with the --write-json argument, which will contain information like the time the Snap was posted, and the Snap location.

Snap Radius

The radius from the coordinates you provide that will be included for downloads. -r 20000 will download all Snaps within a 20km radius of your coordinates.