Brawler Maker : Modding Tool for Brawl Stars

This is a tool to make easier brawl stars modding using csv manipulation

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Whats does the tool do ? You can creates Custom Brawlers and Custom attacks, supers even support for charge and spawnable

For now what does it support ? Support only both rebrawl classic and Mods for now. It support partially cards.csv and characters.csv It fully support skills.csv It don’ support supers, charges, and spawners

Requirements : Python The tool characters.csv cards.csv skins.csv skin_conf.csv for the creation of a brawler and skills.csv if you want ot create an attack It support v29 for brawlers and attacks and it support only attacks for v30 (Rebrawl classic patch 8/25

(Rebrawl mods patch 8/25

How to use ? Place both the tool and the csv files in the same folder (for the name it’s prefered to start with an uppercase) Run the tool and create an attack Then create a super while using the exact same name When you created attack and super you can create the brawler and keep the exact same name After that you can check your csv file and verify if the row was correctly created Now you just need to apply the changes using the parallel space method (normal apk changing won’t work with the addtion of a brawler)

CHANGELOG : 8/25/2021:

  • added full support for charges
  • added full support for supers
  • started support for multiple brawl stars versions

8/25/2021 bis :

  • added support for creation of a brawler

Features Planned :

  • more customization in the brawler like texts and skins
  • choose what version of brawl starsCreation of basic brawlers using cards.csv and characters.csv
  • Creation of custom projectiles in projectiles.csv
  • Creation of Star Powers
  • Creation of Gadgets
  • Creation of area effetcs
  • Better look by replacing command prompt