Text detection and recognition

This repository contains tool which allow to detect region with text and translate it one by one.


Two pretrained neural networks are used. One of them is responsible for detecting places in which
text appear and return its coordinates.
Structure use for this operation is based on CRAFT architecture.

Second network take detected words and recognize words included inside it.
Convolutional Recurrential neural networks (CRNN) are used for this operation.


Under construction


I decided to deploy it on heroku (temporarily solution), but the amount of memory available on this platform
is not enough.
You can check it on heroku app.
I decided to add bootstrap template because whole solution become more intuitive.

Windows Installation

To install it locally, you can run from your virtual env

python -m pip install requirements.txt

Linux installation

to install it properly on Linux OS you have to install additionaly

apt-get update
apt-get install -y libsm6 libxext6 libxrender-dev
pip install opencv-python

If problems with cv2 imports are still appearing then you should install

pip install opencv-contrib-python

Then you can run

python -m pip install requirements.txt


To run it locally, please activate your environment

> win

source venv\Scripts\activate

and run straight from project origin

python  app.py

If everything goes properly, you'll see on localhost:8000,
screen just like one below.