Tools to help record data from Qiskit jobs.

Install with

pip install git+

Import the main tools with

from qiskitarchiver import submit_job, get_archive

To submit a job use

archive_id = submit_job(circuits, backend_name)

Here circuits are the circuits to run and backend_name is a string specifying the backend (for example 'ibmq_bogota' or 'aer_simulator'). Other than backend_name, arguments from this are passed directly on to the relevant run() function (which means you need to transpile your circuits first). The returned archive_id is a string used to retrieve the job from locally saved files.

To retreive an archive object use

archive = get_archive(archive_id)

This object functions much the same as the Qiskit job object. For example, archive.result() provides the results. Once obtained, the results are incorporated into the saved archive.


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