Web App – Image To Sketch


Ever wanted to gift your loved ones a beautiful portrait or sketch of them, but drawing is not your cup of tea? This Web App lets you convert your Normal Image to a SKETCHED one within a minute! Not just one, two pics in a minute!


1.Click the below icon

Streamlit App

The following screen opens up!

Initial Screen

2.Click Browse Files from the sidebar

Browse Files

A dialog box opens up. Select the picture you want to get converted to Sketch.

Dialog Box

3.After selecting the image you want to convert, Click Convert to sketch from the sidebar.

convert to Sketch

Now, you will see the below processing screens. (You may have to be consious as the below screen just appears for a second or two!)

Converting Success

4.Scroll down to find your Sketched Image and the Download Image button!


5.Click the Download Image Button.

Download Button

6.Now click the link generated to download your Sketched Image!!

Download Link

Shortcut that can be done after Step 4 to download the image

Right Click the image and click Save image as…

Future Scope

Considering the fact that every image is unique in it’s own way, we cannot use the same editing parameters to convert all images to it’s sketched one with absolute perfection. So, by using a combination of sliders, we can change the paramters individually which results in perfection which is the future scope of this Web App!