Project description

A python3 script for search possible misconfiguration in a DNS related to security protections of email service from the domain name. This project is for educational use, we are not responsible for its misuse.


You can install the python3 dependencies using the requeriments.txt file:
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Also, by default needs postfix service because MagicSpoofMail uses address to send an email. Optionally, you can change this with -s or –smtp parameter. To install in a debian environment for example use this and make all the config by default:
sudo apt-get install postfix


- Check SPF record in a domain name.
- Check DMARC record in a domain name.
- In case that SPF & DMARC is not configured, send a test email 

Available options

alt text

Check a domain name

alt text

Check & test domain name

alt text

Search from a name some TLD’s

alt text

Note: You can add more TLD’s editing the script file.


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