SpecAugment License

An implementation of SpecAugment for Pytorch

How to use

Install pytorch, version>=1.9.0 (new feature (torch.Tensor.take_along_dim) is used.).

import torch
from spec_augment_pytorch import SpecAugmentTorch
from spec_augment_pytorch import visualization_spectrogram
p = {'W':40, 'F':29, 'mF':2, 'T':50, 'p':1.0, 'mT':2, 'batch':False}
specaug_fn = SpecAugmentTorch(**p)

# [batch, c, frequency, n_frame], c=1 for magnitude or mel-spec, c=2 for complex stft
complex_stft = torch.randn(1, 1, 257, 150) 
complex_stft_aug = specaug_fn(complex_stft) # [b, c, f, t]
visualization_spectrogram(complex_stft_aug[0][0], "blabla")

run command python spec_augment_pytorch.py to generate examples (processed wav and visual spectrogram).

Example result of base spectrogram


[1] DemisEom/SpecAugment

[2] zcaceres/spec_augment issue17

[3] SpecAugment: A Simple Data Augmentation Method for Automatic Speech Recognition


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