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A callback for pushing lightning models to the Hugging Face Hub.

Note: I made this package for myself, mostly…if folks seem to be interested in it, we’ll move this into huggingface_hub or an official PyTorch Lightning repo directly and archive this one. Since there are a lot of options/considerations, I decided to just post it separately for now as a proof of concept.


pip install hf-hub-lightning


To periodically upload your model ckpt and TensorBoard logs while training, you can do the following…

import pytorch_lightning as pl
from hf_hub_lightning import HuggingFaceHubCallback

train_dataloader = ...
model = YourCoolModel()
trainer = pl.Trainer(callbacks=[HuggingFaceHubCallback('your_username/model_id')])
trainer.fit(model, train_dataloader)

To load your model back from the huggingface hub, just do…

from huggingface_hub import hf_hub_download

ckpt_path = hf_hub_download('your_username/model_id', 'lit_model.ckpt')
model = YourCoolModel.load_from_checkpoint(ckpt_path)


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