FaceX-Zoo is a PyTorch toolbox for face recognition. It provides a training module with various supervisory heads and backbones towards state-of-the-art face recognition, as well as a standardized evaluation module which enables to evaluate the models in most of the popular benchmarks just by editing a simple configuration. Also, a simple yet fully functional face SDK is provided for the validation and primary application of the trained models. Rather than including as many as possible of the prior techniques, we enable FaceX-Zoo to easilyupgrade and extend along with the development of face related domains. Please refer to the technical report for more detailed information about this project.

About the name:

  • "Face" - this repo is mainly for face recognition.
  • "X" - we also aim to provide something beyond face recognition, e.g. face parsing, face lightning.
  • "Zoo" - there include a lot of algorithms and models in this repo.

What's New

  • [Mar. 2021] ResNeSt has been added to the backbones.
  • [Feb. 2021] Mixed precision training by apex is supported. Please check train_amp.py
  • [Jan. 2021] We commit the initial version of FaceX-Zoo.


  • python >= 3.7.1
  • pytorch >= 1.1.0
  • torchvision >= 0.3.0