Feed me Mensa UL

A quick-and-dirty script to scrape the daily menu of Leipzig University Mensa and send it to a telegram channel. For food and cat lovers. The script is currently dockerized and running as a cronjob on a server, executed daily at 10.30 am.

Check out the telegram channel: https://t.me/feed_me_mensa_ul

Add secrets to env file

For security reasons secrets are secret . For testing and developing add your own bot credentials. And put in root folder in .env file.


Running the docker container

If you have added secrets to .env file, you can build an run the docker container.

docker image build -t feed-me-mensa-ul:latest . 
docker container run --env-file ./.env feed-me-mensa-ul:latest

Setting up cronjob

Add new cronjob.

crontab -e

Add execution everyday at 10.30 am.

30 10 * * * docker container run --env-file /path/to/.env feed-me-mensa-ul:latest

Possible Enhancements

  • Write tests ?
  • Mensa am Sportforum, Cafeteria etc
  • Add discord, slack, mattermost, signal etc.


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