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Early Beta Released

We have released an early version of Deadcord, please keep in mind that some things may not work correctly or may break unexpectedly. We will try to fix any problems as soon as we can.


I do not endorse nor condone raids. Any actions carried out by our tool are at your own risk. We are responsible for creating our tool, but not for how it is used. To protect our work, and to prevent it from being re-distributed, we have not provided detailed development setup instructions.

Why was Deadcord made?

Many people may question why we built Deadcord, let alone make it open-source for many people to access. Deadcord was built to protest against several of Discords recent actions and decisions, among other things. We built Deadcord to protest against:

  • The forced shutdown of discord.py.
  • Switching every bot over to slash commands. (Slash caommands can be useful sometimes)
  • Discord and YouTube partnership.
  • Forcing small and big music bots out of busniess.
  • Not accepting feedback from the community.
  • Locks a lot of new features behind paywalls or restricts them.

Lets see the features

  • Spam speed increases with each token you add.
  • Deadcord averages about 20-30 pings a second with only 12 tokens.
  • Bots can bypass simple verification.
  • Different spam modes: @everyone, @random, blank, and lag.
  • Bots join and leave servers very fast.
  • Ping tokens to check if they are alive.
  • Speak through a token in all channels.
  • Change all bots nickname and status at once.
  • Spoofs Cloudflare cookies, bots act like real users.
  • Injects directly into Discord, and uses custom UI elements.
  • One click and disguise bots. (Change profile picture and server nickname).
  • [ FUTURE UPDATE ] Lag voice channels.
  • [ FUTURE UPDATE ] Auto-scraping proxies.
  • [ FUTURE UPDATE ] Different Boot modes.
  • [ FUTURE UPDATE ] Automatic server scraping and raiding.
  • [ FUTURE UPDATE ] Change all the bots profile pictures.
  • [ FUTURE UPDATE ] Account Generator without hCaptcha API.

Setup for Development

I will not be providng in-depth setup instructions. Part of this is to protect my work, as well as the statement declared in the dsclaimer section. If you wish to use our tool, download a release from our releases section.


Download the latest release from our releases section. Download the file to a location of your choosing.

  1. Open Deadcord by double-clicking on the executable file. A terminal window should popup.

  2. Create a file named tokens.txt with your tokens, located either in your Desktop, Downloads, Documents or inside the Deadcord folder.

    Your token file should follow this format:

    • No quotation marks.
    • Each token is on its own line.
  3. If you are using Deadcord for the first time, it will inject itself into the Discord core. This may take a few seconds.

  4. Make sure Deadcord is running in the background.

  5. If the steps above finish successfully, you are good to go!


See the for a list of proposed features (and known issues).


Distributed under the GNU AGPLv3 License. See LICENSE for more information. If you use any code written in the repository, and you plan to distribute it, it must be open source and under the same license.


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