A redesign of our previous Python World Cup, aiming to simulate the 2022 World Cup all the way from the qualifiers. This new version is designed to be more compact and more efficient and will reflect the improvements in our programming ability.

Welcome to the Python World Cup 2022 made by samwcounsell and githubkeano.

Planned Improvements

  1. Match Engine

    • 1.1. Different match engine for one versus multiple simulations to allow for increased speed when running massive simulations. Using a binomial simulation in place of the Bernoulli trials increases the speed of running multiple World Cup by over 4000%.
    • 1.2. Form, have players and teams react to their perfomances in previous games with the intent to lead to more varied runthroughs.
  2. Streamlining

    • 2.1. Compartmentalising the code into a modular format allows for easy addition of features and bug fixing in future.
    • 2.2. Flow chart has been created to aid visualisation of the project, both for developers and users.


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