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A repo containing several methods for near eye gaze tracking in HMDs

This Repo is a work in progress

What is this all about?

  • this repo is for the EyetrackVR project aiming to make VR eyetracking opensource and available to everyone. More specifically, this repo focuses on ML or DL based approaches for eye tracking.

What can I do to help?

  • You can DM me at Summer#2406 on Discord if you have any ideas, or want to submit data from your eye tracker!

Where is the Hardware?

Implemented methods:

  • YoloV5 iris detection (ML model is subject to updates)
  • Implementation of RITnet for sematic segementaion
  • 2d to 3d point infrence using calibration based 3d model fitting
  • Glint tracking
  • EMG Facial interface for Eye muscle tracking (Hardwear will be provided here)
  • Landmark Based tracking

NOTE: Some of these implemented methods will be from other authors and maybe subject to licencing.

Citations for the people who make this all possible

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