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A repo containing toolings and software useful for a DevOps Engineer (or if you’re setting up your Mac from the beginning)

Currently setup for macOS* – Coming soon for Windows & Linux


  • Install Brew on your macOS first. Type on your command line “brew update” & then install the required tool “brew install <PACKAGE_NAME>
  • Most of the tooling can be used by using the brew package manager or other CLI tools suggested below in “”. If not, use the links provided to navigate to the installation page of the tool.
  • Also note that some of these tools mentioned in Productivity can be subjective based on each individual.

Package manager

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Technical tooling & CLI (main)

Other useful CLIs (supplementary)

Container & Security focused tools

sudo easy_install pip
pip3 install --user anchorecli
export PATH=${PATH}:${HOME}/Library/Python/3.9/bin

Productivity tooling:

Other useful links:

Coming soon – in the works

  • A script that installs all the toolings (ones that can be automated)
  • A setup for Windows & Linux
  • Alternative to Docker Desktop?? Containerd? Podman? – Open to suggestions.
  • Organise the repo into sub-categories & general organisation.

Open to contributions

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