Cramer’s Rule, ya idiots

(that was a joke pls no serious)

Table of Contents

– Why did you make this

– What does this do bruh

– So what now

Why did I make this

So here’s the story: My friend and I are in math class. We’re solving a system of equations, and our teacher gives us this PDF about something called… Cramer’s Rule? What? It’s this thing involving matrices and determinants and stuff. If you want to read it, here ya go, nerd.

So basically, this program uses Cramer’s Rule to solve the system of equations.

What does this do bruh

Do you not understand
It solves a system of equations using

Cramer’s Rule

So what now

Use the program. We’re thinking about creating an entire website for this, since I’m really bored and stupid and thought it would be cool to do ig.

Have fun with the program. 🙂

Copyright 2021© Cramers Rule™ Program.

Our program is protected under the MIT license. You may fork our code and adjust it to your needs- however, please do not duplicate the code and commercially release it under your own name. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or improvements for Marble, we will be more than happy to collaborate with you and see if we can bring them to life.

Cramers Rule is part of Open Terminal™, a project started by Module32 and MrNames to create powerful software and hardware for the general public. We also worked with “yeet!” on Discord to create Cramers Rule, though he did nothing (jk we still love you bro)

Thanks for seeing the repo


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