General Purpose Scripts

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This repository holds a curated list of Python scripts which aim to help us automate daily and common tasks. You can pick up any of these scripts on demand to help you with the automation of your common routine tasks. All the scripts in this repository can be found under the scripts directory and have been contributed by our generous contributors.

How to contribute

Our repository accepts all kinds of contributions. Before making a contribution please make sure you have gone through our contributing guidelines.

You can open an issue with us for a bug, feature or a new script or start working on an existing issue after having it assigned to you by one of the maintainers.

Things to keep in mind when contributing

If you are adding a script to the respository, please create a seperate directory with the name of the script inside the scripts directory of this repository and work within it. Make sure your script comes with its very own with proper documentation for the end user, if possible add screenshots of your script working in the as well. In case you are uploading screenshots and/or other relevant images please create a seperate images folder inside your script folder, this is where you will be keeping your images. Alternatively, you can also upload your images on platforms like imgur and use the resulting link in your file.

Once you are done working on your script edit this file and add the relevant information regarding your script in the table below.

Available Scripts in our Repository

Id Number Script Name Script Description Link
1 Shorty Shorty uses python code to shorten URLs on the go Find me here
2 NewsDown It can download the newspaper in one click Find me Here

Good Luck and don’t forget to have fun with Open Source ?