rTorrent Disk Checker

This program is capable of the following when:

             - a torrent is added by any program (autodl-irssi, RSS Downloader etc)
             - a torrent is added remotely or directly 

This program checks your available disk space. If your free disk space is not large enough to accommodate a pending torrent, the program will delete torrents based on criteria defined in config.py. If your disk space is still too low, the torrent will be sent to rTorrent in a stopped state. You can choose to receive an email, Pushbullet, Telegram or Slack notification if this occurs.


  • rTorrent 0.9.7+
  • Python 3+


Run the setup script by entering the following command in your terminal (Refer to this script for manual setup instructions):

bash setup.sh

Test Script

This script will show you what torrents this program will delete without actually deleting torrents.

Results will output to your terminal and a text file named testresult.txt

This script accepts two arguments: 1. Torrent Size ( GB ) 2. Mount Point ( 0 will default to mount '/' )

python test.py 69 0

To send a test message:

python messenger.py email pushbullet

Accepted arguments: email, pushbullet, telegram, slack

GitHub - JDRIVO/rTorrent-Disk-Checker: rTorrent Crash Prevention
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