A save editor tool for the game Synthetik written in python.

Version 2.1:

Automatic Module Power editing
Automatic Spawn chance editing
Manual Module power editing.
Open the save file directly

-now, i gotta tell you, this is some thrown together, dumb as frick code written in python. there’s probably bugs, and I suggest using “opensave” as soon as possible.

-However, the largest bug probable is the deletion of your current day’s save file. there is a backup in the same folder already in the game, you can just copy and paste.

-The help command does not mention all commands. specifically, OPauto, and Spawnauto. will be fixed as soon as I get around to updating the help command.

-DO tell me in a comment if the exe file works? I used ( to generate the exe file from my code and I have no idea if it works without downloading python?

Future Updates:

-Loadout editng – most proabably in the next update! wooo!

-GUI! actual images! not using the terminal! woooo! – far flung future with Tkinter.


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